Looping Through the Array

by Kevin Broome

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First album. Pretty raw. Lots of flaws but a few magic moments as well.


released January 10, 2008




Kevin Broome Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Unleashed
It was a simple query
It sounded good in theory
But when we took it out and set it free upon the world
It took a life of all its own
and it conjured up a storm
that could only be construed as unleashed fury.

It was just an instant
A flicker in the ether
The speed of light blew through the living room and shook the table lamps
It made the curtains rise
And the TV feed went live
As they took us on a ride to New York city.

It was a simple action
A slight refraction
The butterfly's not wise to its vibrations in the sky
When it takes itself aflight
Ever balanced on the light
A hurricane's birth in its wings so pretty.
Track Name: Collide
Opposites attract but I'm distracted by the way the light
Refracts through your gin and tonic
I'm never on when I hear a song that steals my thoughts away
The beat is like cocaine bring atoms to a point frenetic
I'd explain but you'd never get it

Is that why you came colliding across the floor to me

You thought you'd met your match but I was lost in how your cigarette plays trails through my psilocybin
I'm never on when I hear a song that steals my heart away
The camera takes a picture as if to say that I caught you peaking
I'd explain but I'm barely speaking
Track Name: The Autumn Daze of Disco
Picking up the pennies
From the tiles of a public toilet floor
to pay for a cigarette
from the drunk on the corner
and watching the sunset
in the glow of an aftershave haze
tomorrow's just another day
to lose in the fog of memories
of tear stained dog eared photographs
and whispers of the song you sang
I remember watching you dancing
in the autumn daze of disco
just a girl of only seventeen
Track Name: Julia Sets
The whispers of atoms
dictate the current state of chemicals
In the shadows of candlelight
and through the colour of Goethe's eye
I feel the senselessness of dancing
on a silent winter's night

and as we watched
satellites fall from the sky
it made me realize how we are
not unlike those mandelbrots and julia sets

inklings of chaose
a sense of something not quite right
a warming on the horizon
and when the cigarette
between the fingers of feigenbaum falls
we will all ignite

we will all ignite